Increase your car’s fuel efficiency and performance in 30 minutes

Increase your car fuel efficiency

The car’s fuel efficiency and performance can be increased with a reduction in air pollution.

Did you see more smoke from cars and trucks than the Train running on the coal? Such peoples are the main reason for saying that vehicles are the main cause of Air pollution. If the smoke comes out of the vehicle more than the limit, then we can say that the car engine is damaged. This problem is mainly occurring in some older vehicles. Reduce the strength of the engine, engine shaking, lower fuel efficiency is the main things revealed with this smoke.If you have to buy a used car, First you should check the smoke emission from that car.


Car air pollution

  • Villain Carbon

The falling of carbon into the engine causes the engine loss of power to a higher emission of smoke. Ten percent of the carbon that forms during the burning of fuels is deposited on above the piston, bottom of the head and the side of the valves. Consumption of low-quality fuel leads to higher carbon emissions. As the carbon level increases, the engine will get worse. ·

  • Decarbonising

Decarbonising is done in service centres and other workshops, for removing the carbon from the engine. Most people of the peoples use chemicals for decarbonising, this may damage the engine.

  • Decarbonising without using chemicals

We can do decarbonising without using any chemicals. There are few service centres and workshops are doing this method. In this method, hydrogen and oxygen are passed through the inlet valve. Carbon sticks on the engine are converted into hydrocarbon and that hydrocarbon is again converted into carbon dioxide. Expert says this will help to reduce 78% of air pollution; this will also increase Engine performance by 20% and increase in fuel efficiency by 15%.It can be done in 30 minutes.

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